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Pan-African Robotics Competition

PARC is a youth robotics competition that brings together middle school and high school robotics team across Africa and its diaspora. PARC teams can compete in three categories: Tech, Stars & Makers Leagues. Competing teams are given challenges based on real-world topics relevant to science, engineering and the sustainable development of Africa. Teams are judged on their poster and oral presentations, as well as their robotics design and performance. Winners in each league are awarded with prizes and scholarships.

Meet the PARC 2020 Team

Special thank you to each committee member for dedicating their time, skills, and efforts to organize the 2020 Pan-African Robotics Competition.

SenEcole Team

Sidy Ndao
Sidy NdaoPARC Founder
Fatima Kebe
Fatima KebePARC Coordinator
Mamadou Gueye
Mamadou Gueye2020 Committee

Country Coordinators Team

Michael Leventhal
Michael Leventhal2020 Committee
Robots Mali
Paterne Gahungu
Paterne Gahungu2020 Committee
Yame Nkgowe
Yame Nkgowe2020 Committee
Sustainable Cities Africa
Ngor Diop
Ngor Diop2020 Committee
Gueassaha M. Dié
Gueassaha M. Dié2020 Committee
Ada Tapily
Ada Tapily2020 Committee
Lawrence Brown
Lawrence Brown2020 Committee
Johnson STEM Activity Center
Eli Haggai Ocen
Eli Haggai Ocen2020 Committee
ISBAT University

Challenge Creators Team

Victor Paul Kawagga
Victor Paul Kawagga2020 Committee
Oysters & Pearls - Uganda
Saliou Diouf
Saliou Diouf2020 Committee
Rachael Orumor
Rachael Orumor2020 Committee FemCoders
Mamadou Niang
Mamadou Niang2020 Committee
Lotachukwu Ibe
Lotachukwu Ibe2020 Committee
YCreators Academy
Sandy Agbottah
Sandy Agbottah2020 Committee
Innovate Ghana
Michael Ajanaku
Michael Ajanaku2020 Committee TechQuest STEM Academy

Media & Website Team

Nouh Aly Barry
Nouh Aly Barry2020 Committee
Robert Wonders
Robert Wonders2020 Committee
University of Ghana
Seydou Katikon
Seydou Katikon2020 Committee

Exhibitors, Ambassadors & Community Engagement Team

Mohammad Kamal
Mohammad Kamal2020 Committee
Next Einstein Forum
Sylvie Uworoheranye
Sylvie Uworoheranye2020 Committee
Dexter Ouattara
Dexter Ouattara 2020 Committee
Sally Kim
Sally Kim2020 Committee
Edustore Africa
Dega Billy James
Dega Billy James2020 Committee

Judges, Referees & Volunteers Team

Remi Willoughby
Remi Willoughby 2020 Committee
Enoch Amarteifio
Enoch Amarteifio2020 Committee
Univ. of Ghana - Legon
Calvin Morapedi
Calvin Morapedi2020 Committee
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