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Introducing the PARC
Virtual Learning Platform

Coding & AI

Introduction to Programming with Python
  • Learn difference between programming and programming language, writting and running source code 
  • Learn to solve problems using python, different types of errors, variables and data types 
  • Learn to make decisions using conditional codes
Learning outcome: Write and run source code, solve problems, and make decisions using conditional codes

Topic 1: Programming Basics
Topic 2: Programming Syntax
Topic 3: Variables and Data Types
Topic 4: Conditional Code
PARCode Programming


Basic Electronics with Arduino
  • Learn Basic of circuits and electronics components
  • Learn to understand and employ principles in embedded systems
Learning outcome: Build and program Arduino-based projects

Topic 1: Intro to Arduino
Topic 2: Blinking an LED
Topic 3: Motors and actuators
Topic 4: Sensors

(Coming Soon...)
Hands-on Electronics


Introduction to CAD with ThinkerCAD
Objectives: Learn the basics of Computer Aided Design (CAD) through a series of examples

Learning outcome: Model simple and complex physical objects using ThinkerCAD

Module 1: Cup
Module 2: Keychaine (with writen name )
Module 3: Soap holder
Module 4: Mobile phone case
Module 5: Toy Car
Module 6: Sun glasses
Module 7: Simple Gears assembly

(Coming Soon...)
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