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Techs League

PARC Techs: Water/sanitation

 This challenge has two playing modes: Autonomous and Manual. To go from Autonomous to Manual, the robot must go to the Manual zone. From there, teams use their remote control to guide the robot. Autonomous points count twice as much as manual modes. Teams may choose to do any of the objectives in any order. The game lasts 3 minutes, and the team with the most clean water wins. Teams that collect the most clean water balls in three minutes win. Water collection can be accomplished in three ways: water conservation, atmospheric water harvesting, and water recycling.

Download PARC 2022 TECHS Challenge (English & French)


  • Each match has 4 teams playing at the same time.
  • After the start of the match, teams work to score as many points as possible by completing as many of the tasks as possible.
  • 10 point penalty for touching your robot outside of the starting zone or manual zone, penalty increases by 5 points for each additional touch.
  • Contact between robots is allowed however intentionally damaging another robot is not allowed. This distinction is left to the referee. The penalty is disqualification.
  • Robots must be constructed ONLY out of the kit materials provided.
  • The total length of the game is 3 minutes.
  • Each team will have two trials, the best of the two trials will be counted as the final score. In the case of a tie, first trial scores will be used. Top four teams will move to the Final round.
  • Robot must start the game from the Start Zone within the 30x30x30cm square and it can be no taller than 40 cm. However, the robot can extend outside of those limits after the start of the match.
  • Once the game begins the robot cannot go back to the starting zone to start over.
  • Teams can choose to carry out objectives either only autonomously, only manually, or a combination of both. Once a robot goes to manual mode, it cannot go back to autonomous mode.
  • Robots must be constructed with safety in mind; no sharp edges, no dangerous components, nothing designed to intentionally damage other robots or field elements. If teams do not follow the rules, they are disqualified from the game.
  • Teams may use any programming language to code robots, VEX & MathWorks are provided for free.
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