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Stars League

PARC STARS: Adaptability to climate change

The STARS league is challenged to build a robot and drone to prevent flooding, reduce the impact of drought, and implement resilient farming. Teams can only use the PARC-provided drone (with internal camera). Teams must navigate the robot to construct flood protection barriers in order to prevent cities and communities from flooding. Teams must then navigate to safety from the severe heat waves that are causing drought or continue to build flood protection barriers. After the drought has begun, teams must use the robot and drone to plant drought-resistant crops on farm fields or continue to build flood protection barriers.

Download PARC STARS Challenge (English & French)


  • The game lasts 4 minutes in total.
  • At the start of the game, Robot and Drone must begin on their assigned bases. They must be able to fit within the base and have an initial height of no more than 70 cm. Robots, on the other hand, can expand to any dimension after the game begins.
  • Each match features four teams competing at the same time.
  • After the match begins, teams compete to score as many points as possible by completing as many tasks as possible.
  • Contact between robots is permitted, but intentionally harming another robot is not permitted. The referee is in charge of making this distinction. The punishment is disqualification.
  • The average score of a team's first round (all teams) and second round (top 8 teams) matches determines its overall ranking.
  • In the final round, the top four teams will compete.
  • Electronic components of Robots must be built using the kit materials provided; however, teams are permitted to use additional mechanical structures in addition to the kit.
  • Robots must be built with safety in mind, with no sharp edges, dangerous components, or anything that is designed to intentionally harm other robots or field elements.
  • Teams are disqualified from the game if they do not follow the rules.
  • Teams may code robots in any programming language; VEX and MathWorks are provided for free.
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