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Techs League

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PARC 2020 is postponed to 2021 with a new date to be announced. 

PARC Techs: Artificial Intelligence

For the Future of Work theme, TECH teams will be challenged to construct intelligent robots that receive information and make decisions like humans. Robots must be programmed for object, facial and speech recognition along with the ability to generate speech, navigate and transport, to execute the assigned tasks. 

Download PARC TECHS Challenge (English & French)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Does the robot have to drive only on the streets?

A1: No, the robot can drive anywhere on the playing field.

Q2: "This challenge will test your robot’s capability for speech recognition." Does the robot listen or the robot operators?

A2: Simply, we are asking teams to activate/start robot when the team hear “GO”.

Q3: Is the playing field going to be supplied to the teams or will there be a file that can be downloaded and printed?

A3: All game elements are supplied along with the kit. However the playing field is available on this website to download and print. 


PARC 2019

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The Making of African Smart Cities

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