Frequently Asked Questions

STARS League

Who places the capsulte over the Element Cubes stack at the end of the match

Once Element Cubes are stacked, the capsule can be manually put over the stack by a member of your team.

Do I need anything else besides the VEX EDR Super Kit in order to compete

No, the VEX EDR Super Kit is sufficient alone to compete in PARC 2018. However allowed extra parts listed on the Challenge and Game rules will give your team more flexibility.

One the allowed Robot kit parts, it's included "polycarb sheet". What if I cannot have access to a polycarb sheet, can I replace it with anything else

Yes, you can replace with any other plastic / wood sheet.

How to unload ingredients cubes onto the playing field

Ingredients cubes are released by pulling down a pole holding them as shown in the images below. The pole which releases the ingredients cubes is 3 feet tall and stands at the center of the 2 by 2 feet tile. Upon release, a referee will remove the pole away from the playing field. 



TECH League

How many times can Robot go back to Base

Robot can go back to Base as many time as the team wishes to. Once on Base, team members are allowed to touch robot, realign it, change attachments, etc.

On Level I, can I bring a Person element to base

Yes, you can bring a Person element to Base. Teams can make as many trip to Base as they wish to. You can even leave a Person element on Base temporarily

What is the Elevator

The Elevator is an area on Level I; once a Robot reaches the Elevator, teams are allowed to pickup the Robot and place it on Level II Base.

On level 2, how do we trigger the hourglass

Triggering the hourglass means moving it outside the black square.

On Level 2, how to dispense medicine from cabinet

Dispensing the medicine means moving them outside the white rectangle.

On the level 1 mat there are colored circles showing where each person will be placed. Is this, in fact, the exact position of each person and the color of the piece?


Is the robot allowed to ford the river? On the mat there is a image of a bridge but in the photo there is an actual bridge structure. Will there be an actual bridge and, if so, what are its dimensions and is it required to use it or penalized for not using it?

The bridge is changed to a dam. The river can be crossed at any point other than the dam.

If a game piece is knocked over, can it be set upright?

No, the only thing that can be touched outside of the base is the robot. This will incur a penalty.

There is a white and black stripe on the mat. Is this supposed to be there, and, if so, does it have any significance?

Yes, this is for line following.

On the mat there are white boxes around three of the person pieces. Do these boxes have any significance?

Yes, these are for the color sensor to detect. 

For the red and yellow sites, what is required as far as placing the person piece in the zone? If only part of the piece is in the zone does it count? Is there any significance to the dotted circle inside the zone?

The person must be touching part of the part of zone it does not need to be all the way in the zone. The dotted line is for aesthetics only.

Is there a penalty for putting a piece of the wrong color in a zone?

No you just will not get points for that piece. However, once a piece has left the base it can not be retrieved. The only thing that can be touched outside of the base is the robot. This incurs a penalty. 

Once the robot is in the elevator area and stops, does the clock stop? If it does, how long does the team have to modify the robot before starting at the next level?

The clock run the entire time. The robot will need to modified quickly if at all.

Under what circumstances might a team touch the robot? For example, if the robot does not position itself in the elevator, can the team put it there and stop it, with a penalty of 10 points, in order to move to level 2? Can the robot be touched in order to enable it to pick up or drop game pieces, at the cost of incurring the penalty?

There is always a 10 point penalty when touching the robot. If the robot is touched it must immediately return to base. If the robot is carrying an object that object will be returned to its starting point. You can touch the robot to gain any sort of advantage other than to bring it back to base.

On level 2, will the pills be placed exactly on the circles, with their respective colors?


The photo shows a sort of fence around the pill dispensary. Will that object be on the field and, if so, is it firmly affixed to the mat?

This has been changed there is no fence around the pills.

. In the photo there are bed objects on the mat. Will there be actual beds on the level 2 mat? If so, are the fixed to the mat?

Yes, they will be actual object that are fixed to the mat. They are the same size as the colored square they are on.

Where must the pills be placed to be scored on the bed? If there is a bed object, must the pill rest on the bed? What if the pill falls off the bed? Can only part of the pill be touching the bed or bed zone, or must the entire pill be in the indicated area?

The pill must be fully supported by the bed. Because the bed is the same size as the square the pill can not be off the bed but still in the colored zone.

How is the hourglass triggered? What are the dimensions and exact placement of the hourglass?

To trigger the hour glass it must be moved out of the square. The hour glass is the roughly the same size as the people. It is placed directly in the center of the square.

. Is there a required order for level 2 for the objectives of placing pills and triggering the hourglass?

There is no order.

Is it necessary to place patients in zones before moving on to level 2?

No, you do not have to do anything before moving on to level 2.

Is it possible to return to level 1 after moving to level 2?

This is the only time that order matters. Once leaving level 1 you can not return.

Engineers League

Can our Team present in French instead of in English

The answer is YES; our judges are bilingual.

When is the Engineering Report due

The physical paper-copy of your team's Engineering Report is due on Monday 26, 2018 at the PARC 2018 signup desk in Kigali.

Makers League

Are scrap and donated materials accounted within the $200 expending limit

YES, Teams will have to estimate (to the best they can) the value of scrap and donated materials.

Is Team Presentation done using Power-point

No, Makers League presentation is done without power-point. Teams stand in front of audience and can only use their poster and model for their presentation.

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