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Maker League

PARC 2020: Young Africa Works

Under the theme of The Future of Work, Makers League are tasked to use a design thinking approach to develop a product or service that will increase employment in their country. In the 2020 challenge ‘Young Africa Works’, teams must use their technical and innovation skills in each phase to empathize, define, ideate, model and capture the feedback for their creation. During the competition teams must present a table-top scale model of their businesses or invention that promotes job growth for the African workforce. The 2020 Makers League detailed challenge and rules will be published January 31, 2020.

Download PARC 2020 Letter of Notice (English & French)

PARC 2019

PARC 2019 challenges African students to devise solutions for the planning, design, management and transformation of future African cities.

The Making of African Smart Cities

When: July 2019

Where: Accra, Ghana

PARC 2018

Africa has the highest disease burden in the world. PARC 2018 challenges students to devise solutions to provide access to quality Health services.

One-Health Innovation

When: July 2018

Where: Saly, Senegal

PARC 2017

Manufacturing is essential to economic growth. PARC 2017 challenges students to devise solutions for increasing Africa’s manufacturing capacity.

Made in Africa

When: May 2017

Where: Dakar, Senegal

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